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The Hemispherectomy Simulator
(Patent Pending)

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10.1 million patients globally with epilepsy are potential surgical candidates. 


This number that is estimated to increase by 1.4 million annually. (Vaughan et al. 2019) Epilepsy surgery requires mastery of an eloquent set of skills in a safe, non-patient threatening, environment  to avoid technical errors that could lead to devastating consequences.(Kirkman et al. 2014) Simulation in surgical education has been endorsed as a valid supplement to surgical training because it potentially shortens  technical learning curves. (Milburn et al. 2012).

What is the hemispherectomy simulator?


CIGITI lab's innovative new technology: the hemispherectomy simulator (ths), is a high fidelity epilepsy surgery training platform designed to provide a realistic, hands-on pre-operative surgical simulation experience. Discover it's utility as a supplement to neurosurgical apprenticeship for patient-safe practice runs of temporal lobectomy, corpus callosotomy, and variations of hemispherectomy brain operations.



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